11 Best Horse Stall Fans For Barn

Is the summer heat making it difficult for you to be working and cleaning out your barn? Well think about how it must feel for your horses who are covered have a coat and long hair.

As humans, when the heat gets too much, we’ll just head on inside and blast the air conditioning or dip in the pool to cool down, but horses don’t have these conveniences and it can be dangerous for them to have to stay in hot or humid conditions for a prolonged period.

One easy way of ensuring a cool and properly ventilated environment for your horses so they can remain comfortable throughout even the hottest of summers is purchasing a horse stall fan for their barn.

Horse stall fans can be used all year round to ensure clean and fresh air circulation throughout the barn to prevent moisture and airborne contaminants from being present.

So if you a horse stall fan will be the answer to you and your horse’s prayers, then keep on reading to find our 11 best recommendations for horse stall fans for your barn. 

Best Horse Stall Fans For Barn

Lasko 20″ High-Velocity Quick Mount Fan

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Our top pick for the best horse stall fan for a barn is this high velocity 20” model from Lasko which offers the versatility to use it as a floor fan or mount it on the wall of your stall to cover more surface area.

The Lasko fan features 3 powerful speed options so you can alter it depending on the humidity or temperature levels within your barn helping to achieve the optimum temperature for your horse’s comfortability. The highest CFM is 3460, so you’ll be able to circulate a large amount of air throughout your barn.

It’s made up of a pivoting head that can be directed up or down to make sure you’re getting maximum air circulation regardless of if you’re placing it on the floor or installed on the walls of your horse stalls.

If you’re not very handy with tools or DIY, then you won’t have to worry about mounting this fan as the installation is quick and simple, only requiring you to mount and install the included bracket onto the wall and then attach your fan and pivot in the direction you would like.

The fan is made up of rugged and durable steel construction that can withstand the changing conditions within a barn and also features rubber pads on the bottom to protect your surfaces when using on the floor of your barn.

If you did want to take your Lasko fan with you to shows or competitions, then it’ll be easy to do so as it only weighs 16lbs and also has a convenient carry handle for easy transportation. 


  • Pivoting head – Easy to direct words horses in the stall
  • Durable construction – Won’t break or get damaged even in harsh conditions
  • 3 powerful speed options – Can alter depending on the temperature in your barn


  • Quite noisy – May be disruptive to you or neighbors

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iLIVING Wall Mounted Variable 18” Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Fan 

[amazon fields=”B01I9BZ0TW” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

If you’re set on a waterproof fan that’ll be permanently situated in your barn for the rest of its time, then check out this quality 18” wall-mounted one from iLiving. 

The 18” curved fan blades offer optimal air movement and can provide 6360 CFM to keep larger barns as optimally cool as possible for your horses. 

The fan comes equipped with a 10-foot power cord which may be enough for some owners, but those with large barns may find an extension cord beneficial to make using this model more convenient. 

The fan has 3 different speed parameters which are adjusted using the pull chain control and it’s constructed of an industrial-grade high-velocity motor that is made to withstand hot, wet, and harsh conditions without any corrosion or damage so it’ll run perfectly outside all year round.

The wall mounting bracket comes included with this fan, so all you’ll need to do is install it in the location of your choice.

For such a powerful fan, this iLiving model is pretty quiet and won’t cause too much disturbance even if your home or neighbors are close by to your horse barn.


  • Waterproof – Can withstand wet or humid conditions inside the barn
  • Large 18” blades – Produces optimal air movement
  • 3-speed settings – Can change according to your needs


  • Can be difficult to install on your own – May need additional help when mounting on the wall

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Maxx Air Wall Mount Fan

[amazon fields=”B00KZMAX1Y” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

This rugged steel wall mount fan from Maxx Air is built to last and is a great economical and reliable solution for improving airflow and controlling temperatures within an enclosed horse barn. 

The fan head tilts 180 degrees to control the airflow directions so you’ll be able to install it on whatever wall you’d like within your stall and there is also a pull chain to customize what speed setting you’d like the fan to run at, with 3 speeds available. 

The fan comes included with a heavy-duty mounting bar that will provide optimum overhead air circulation without taking up valuable floor space within the barn. The fan offers up to 2,500 CFM so should be enough for small-sized barns or in individual stalls. 

The fan is designed for indoor use only, so we’d be careful when power washing out your stalls to ensure no splashback goes onto the fan.

The motor is completely enclosed and is dustproof and energy-efficient to save you a couple of bucks and to cut down on maintenance requirements.


  • Energy-efficient motor – Help keeps running costs lower
  • 180-degree tilt head – Can direct air where you need it the most
  • Durable construction – Will withstand harsh conditions all year round


  • Quite loud when running – May not be ideal for overnight use

[amazon box=”B00KZMAX1Y”]

NewAir, WindPro18W, Wall Mounted 18” Fan 

[amazon fields=”B076RKVBB1″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

This powerful fan from NewAir is ideal for horse stalls on a hot summer’s day and can produce up to 3,000 CFMs of power for optimum air circulation and cooling within the stalls.

The fan is designed with powerful metal fan blades, a 3-speed setting control, and adjustable tilt to make using this fan in your barn more convenient than ever.

It’s equipped with a robust ball-bearing motor that is both energy-efficient and reliable and will be able to stay in great condition through harsh winters and sweltering summers. The NewAir fan only costs an average of $0.12 per day to operate, however, this will vary depending on your usage. 

The sturdy metal frame also comes with rubber feet for extra stability and to prevent damage to surfaces if you don’t use it attached to the wall.

The NewAir fan is easy to assemble straight out of the box so you’ll be able to get it up and running in your barn within less than 10 minutes.


  • Robust ball bearing motor – Reliable and won’t break down
  • Powerful air – Keeps a larger space cooler
  • Easy to assemble – Can get it up and running in less than 10 minutes


  • Pull chain is not the strongest – Have been instances of breaking with customers

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B-Air Firtana 20” High-Velocity Industrial Fan

[amazon fields=”B01M0X1SOY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

This 20-inch high-velocity fan from B-Air will be able to offer plenty of cool air to moderate-sized barns, reducing the need for a fan within every stall for each horse.

The versatile fan comes with 3-speed settings which you can alter depending on how hot or humid the conditions are inside your barn and a tilt and adjustable head which is ideal for when you attach it to the wall of your stall. 

The B-Air fan is easy to assemble straight out of the box and is also easy to take apart should you be required to perform any maintenance or cleaning on the fan in the future. 

This model from B-Air is not for those who are after silent operation as the noise is noticeable, so we wouldn’t recommend running it overnight if you have neighbors nearby or if you have horses and/or other pets that are easily spooked by loud noises.

The fan from B-Air has also earned a UL certification so you’ll have peace of mind that it’s ready to use continuously in your horse’s barn. 


  • UL certified – Reassurance that it’s safe to use
  • 20” head – Enough to cool moderate-sized barns
  • 3-speed settings – Offers more versatility of when you can use it


  • Loud operation – Will be noticeable if the house is close to the barn

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Tornado 24 Inch Circulator Fan (Best For Power)

[amazon fields=”B07DVPWG6L” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

If you’ve already got fan’s installed on the walls of your stalls, but you’re looking to get some additional air circulation through the aisles and working areas of your barn, then you’ll want to take a look at this 24” Tornado fan that offers up to 7800 CFM.

It’s so powerful that you may even want to swap out some of your lower-powered fans already installed in your barn. 

The Tornado fan comes equipped with a speed thermally protected motor that won’t overheat even when the fan is running on full power continuously all day and night.

The fan can tilt and be adjusted 360 degrees which makes it one of the most convenient choices for use in your barn as you’ll be able to place it wherever and however you like.

Despite being so powerful, the Tornado was designed to have a lower noise level which makes it more comfortable for both you and your horses to work or rest in.

The fan also has an implemented carry handle and easy-to-roll wheels to make portability easier, especially if you put your fans away in storage during the winter.


  • Up to 7800 CFM – Amazing air circulation throughout your barn
  • Thermally protected motor – Won’t overheat and catch fire
  • Lower noise level – Makes it more bearable to work in


  • Inconsistent brand – Some customers receiving the defective or wrong product

[amazon box=”B07DVPWG6L”]

Maxx Air | Industrial Grade Air Circulator 

[amazon fields=”B09629XGM7″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Here’s another Maxx Air fan that we’ll be recommending to you, but this time it’s an industrial-grade air circulator meaning it’s suitable for larger spaces, so will be more than adequate for your barn.

It’s designed with 2-speed settings and a tilting head to allow you to use your fan however and wherever you like.

The Maxx Air fan is built with durable materials including powder-coated steel OSHA compliant grills and a premium motor for ultimate reliability.

The industrial-grade model from Maxx Air will be up and running out of the box within minutes thanks to a simple manual and 3 prong plug-in which allows you to set it up anywhere. 

The product is also backed with a limited 2-year warranty so you’ll be able to get support with any queries or problems you may find with your model of the fan from the company.


  • 2-year warranty – Covers you for damages or defects that may occur
  • Powerful fan – Industrial grade so more than enough for a stall in a barn
  • Durable construction – Should stay in good shape for years to come


  • Frequent damages during shipment – Many have arrived dented or broken

[amazon box=”B09629XGM7″]

Air King 9020 1/6 HP Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan 

[amazon fields=”B000QE7DZ0″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Another popular option for horse owners alike is this Air King industrial grade wall mount fan that offers good versatility, allowing you to rotate and pivot the fan head to direct airflow in different directions depending on where you place it.

The model comes with a rear-mounted pull cord to turn it on and switch between the 3 powerful speeds, which can be inconvenient if you do have your fan installed up high on the walls.

The fan can provide up to 3670 on its highest setting and produces a relatively little sound so will not disturb your horses when they’re trying to rest and will still make it a comfortable working environment for you when you’re mucking out the stalls.

It comes with a 9-foot power which should be able to reach your nearest outlet and also comes inclusive of the wall mount bracket and hardware to help you install it as soon as it arrives.


  • Generous power cord – Should be able to reach your outlets in the barn
  • Low noise level – Won’t disturb your horses
  • Powerful air circulation – Will be able to cool down a room quickly


  • Issues with missing parts – Customers not receiving certain parts with their order

[amazon box=”B000QE7DZ0″]

Master Mac-24WOSC High Velocity Wall Fan

[amazon fields=”B07BDVC9XK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

This MasterMac high velocity wall fan is favored by many professionals who work in garages or outdoor venues due to the durable all-metal construction that has powder-coated safety guards that will stand up against the elements, which is why it’s such a great choice for horse stalls for barns outside. 

It has a versatile tint-angle head so you can adjust where you want the airflow to be directed within the stall. Not only this, but the fan head is also oscillating allowing you to get good air coverage across the entire room without having to turn the fan head throughout the day.

The fan comes equipped with a 9 foot power cord which should hopefully be able to reach most outlets within a barn, but otherwise is completely safe to use with an extension cord. 

The fan has industry-leading airflow of up to 3900 cfm to help keep your horses cool even during the most sweltering summer days. 

You’ll benefit from a 1-year warranty with this Master Mac fan which will grant you a refund or replacement should you encounter any issues. 


  • Tilt angle head – Can accurately direct where airflow goes within the stall
  • 3,900 CFM Airflow – Ideal for smaller barns or individual stalls
  • Oscillating design – No need to manually change the direction of airflow


  • Mounting bracket is not great – May need to be an additional one

[amazon box=”B07BDVC9XK”]

Stanley 20 Inch Industrial High-Velocity Floor Fan 

[amazon fields=”B07RKLBVHG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Another nifty little floor fan that you can use in your barn to keep your hoses cool and also yourself cool when working in there is this bright yellow Stanley model.

It features 3-speed settings which will give you just the right amount of air depending on your application and can produce up to 4800 CFM on full power for optimum cooling performance.

Its convenient and portable size makes it ideal for those who’ll only need it for a couple of months a year and then would like it put away in storage.

The construction is durable and will be able to withstand years of continuous use in your barn, but you should take extra precautions to protect it from rain or moisture as it may damage the motor.


  • Portable design – Great for traveling and infrequent use during the year
  • Durable construction – Quality materials should last
  • 3-speed settings – Gives you the versatility to how you can use it


  • Not waterproof – May not be suitable for use in humid climates

[amazon box=”B07RKLBVHG”]

OEMTOOLS 24 Inch Oscillating Wall Mount Outdoor Fan

[amazon fields=”B07R8WVZFY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Last up on our recommendations is the OEMTOOLS 24” oscillating wall fan that’ll be ideal for horse owners who have large stalls for their horses and want to ensure that the area is optimally cooled. 

This model is classified as an outdoor fan, so will be able to operate at optimum level regardless of humidity levels or if water manages to get on the fan. The enclosed motor and GFCI plug offers maximum protection against water and will keep your wall fan running smoothly.

The powerful motor can produce up to 6800 CFM to make stuffy stables more comfortable for horses during the summer months.

This model is easy to mount with the wall mounting bracket regardless of if you’re installing on wooden or brick stalls.

The oscillating fan is composed of durable steel with aluminum blades for unprecedented reliability and high-power operation. 


  • IP44 rating – Won’t get damaged from moisture or rain
  • 6800 CFM – Powerful enough for large stalls
  • Oscillating feature – Provides greater air circulation 


  • Chain is made of a cheap material – Easy to break if care isn’t taken

[amazon box=”B07R8WVZFY”]

Buyers Guide

Types Of Fans

There are different types of fans that you can install and use within your barn to keep your horses cool, some of which may be better suited to your particular barn than others. For example, a ceiling fan may be a larger job to install due to the wiring and also the requirement to attach it to the ceiling of the barn.

Wall mount fans are typically the most popular amongst horse owners as you can install one within every stall in your barn to keep every single horse cool.

The wall-mounted fan should be installed high enough in the stall to circulate enough cool air to fill the space but also to prevent the hay or dust from flying around everywhere. You’ll also need to ensure no wires are hanging down or in reach of your house that they could get ahold of.

Aisle fans will be placed in the aisle, preferably near the door or window of the barn to emit stale air and harmful contaminants from the barn to the outside. To achieve optimum air circulation, it may be necessary to have more than one aisle fan placed within the barn, but this may depend on the power of the aisle fan you have.


You’ll need to consider where you’re going to place your fan in your barn and ensure to pick out a fan that will fit in that space. A larger fan doesn’t always mean it’ll keep your barn cooler than a smaller fan, as it’ll depend on the power of the motor within the fan. 


If you live in a warm or humid climate that gets pretty unbearable during the summer, then you’ll need to make sure you pick out a fan that has a good airflow rating which is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) which will refer to how much air the fan moves in a minute. 

If you have a large barn and you’re looking to install as few fans as possible then you’ll want to seek out a fan with the highest CFM possible so it’ll reach the largest space possible.

However, if you only have a small barn, then you may only need one with a small CFM as one too powerful may cause the barn to become unnecessarily cold. 

For average barns, most owners will go for fans with a CFM rating of 2000.  

Plug-In Or Wired

If you plan to travel with your fan for shows or competitions, then you may want to get a plug-in fan as it offers more convenience and also means you can move it around your barn as and when you like.

However, if you would like your fans to be permanently wired, then you’ll need to find a model that can do so. If you’re not very familiar with electrics, then you’ll need to get a professional to wire the fan to the circuit breaker in the fan.

Fans that are permanently wired are usually ceiling fans or exhaust fans, whereas the ones we’ve recommended on our list are neither of these, so will be required to be plugged into an outlet. 

Type Of Motor

You should always choose a fan for your barn that has an enclosed motor because you do not want to get dirt, hay, and dust from damaging the motor and causing it to break down. This is why you shouldn’t use your average household fan inside a barn as they have open motors and are prone to breaking.

Putting a fan with an open motor in your barn can attract dust and hay and stick to the motor which will then cause it to heat up and possibly cause a fire in your barn. 


Ensure the fan that you buy for your barn is water-resistant as it can get moist inside a closed barn especially during humid summer days or rainy days. Humidity can cause the blades and the construction of the fan to rust which could then cause it to become damaged. 

A water-resistant fan should be able to hold up against any snow or rain that manages to get into your barn if there should be a leak and will also withstand any accidental sprays from a hose when you’re cleaning out the stalls. 


You’ll probably be getting some heavy use of your barn fan, especially during the summer months so you’ll want to make sure it’s durable enough to withstand continuous use without breaking down or getting damaged. Look out for fans that are made from high-grade materials like heavy-duty aluminum and stay away from plastic barn fans at all costs. 

Why Are Fans Essential In A Horse Barn?

Stall fans in a barn are necessary to keep your horses happy, comfortable, and healthy, especially during humid or hot summer months. 

With all the hay, other food, horse waste, and warm temperatures, it can be easy for fungi, bacteria, and viruses to be airborne and spread throughout the barn. Having a fan inside the barn will circulate fresh air into the barn and then also move any harmful air outside of the barn. 


Installing a fan into your barn will decrease the humidity levels in the air and improve air circulation which will reduce the growth of bacteria or mold. Humid conditions will also intensify the smell of urine and horse waste, which makes it unsanitary for both them to stay in but also for you to work in. 


One of the most obvious reasons as to why you should have a fan in your horse ban is to keep them cool and comfortable. Cool air flowing throughout the barn will keep them at a good temperature and ensure they do not overheat. Horses can lose up to 2-4 gallons of sweat per hour in very hot conditions, so if they’re kept in a hot barn they can quickly become dehydrated which could result in some serious problems.

Respiratory Problems

Horses have very sensitive respiratory systems which are why they should spend a lot of their time outside in the fresh air. However, keeping your horses in a barn that is not properly ventilated will increase the risk of them breathing in harmful airborne contaminants which could cause them to become ill.


Having powerful fans in your barn for your horses will ensure they’re kept cool and don’t sweat which will also reduce the number of horseflies and other insects around your horse. This will hopefully help reduce the transmission of any diseases from insects, but this should also be aligned with regular cleaning throughout the barn. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is The Best Place To Mount A Horse Stall Fan In The Barn?

To get the most air circulation in a stall, you should mount the fan in the front of the stall on the bars or up in the corner of the stall so cool air spreads across the entire space to keep your horse cool. Ideally, you shouldn’t have the fan in reach of your horse as they may try to knock the fan or even begin biting the wires which could cause an injury.

Floor fans will need to be placed on a higher surface outside the stall where the airflow is still good enough to reach the horse. You should never place a floor fan inside a horse stall as sawdust or hay may manage to inside the fan’s blades or even the motor and cause a fire, not only this but your horse may be inclined to kick it or play with which could cause an injury. 

How Long Should You Keep A Horse Stall Fan?

Ideally, you should try to keep your fans running in your barn 8 hours a day to keep the air cool. You may be able to turn your fans off overnight if the temperature drops low enough for it to be comfortable for your horses to rest without the fans on.

However, if the temperature is still hot and it’s especially humid at night then you may need to keep the fans running overnight.

How Do You Maintain A Horse Stall Fan?

Dust and grime can easily build up on the blades and caging of a barn fan so you’ll want to carry out some regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that everything is kept clear to prevent any fires from starting.

Unplug the fan before you begin cleaning and take off the fan cage to gain access to the blades. Wipe down the blades using a soft damp cloth and then dry them using a dry microfiber cloth that won’t leave bits of material stuck to the blades.

Do not use any harmful chemical cleaners to maintain the blades as this may damage the material and cause it to rust. 

You may also need to clean or remove excess dust or hay around the fan cage before reattaching it and plugging the fan back in. You can buy a fan filter that will prevent any dust or hay from the stall from entering the fan and becoming a fire hazard. 

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