33 Best Friesian Horse Names

Horses may be an animal that brings to mind images of wild mustangs speeding through a sandy wasteland or chestnut ponies prancing across lush and grassy hills.

But did you know that one of the most beautiful horse breeds in the world actually originated from the Netherlands? Known as Friesians, these stunning horses are commonly distinguished by their black coats and nimble features, with the breed’s popularity dating back to the beginning of the Middle Ages. 

So if you have recently purchased a Friesian and want to give it a name that embodies not only its beauty but also its grace and majesty, then you’ve come to the right place. In the following article, we have compiled a selection of the 33 best Friesian horse names, with our choices being organized by gender, coat color and infamy.

So if you want to give your equine friend a title that is truly fitting of its otherworldly characteristics, then take a look at our list and see which name takes your interest. 

What Is A Friesian Horse?

The Friesian (otherwise known as the Frisian or Belgian Black) is a breed of horse that first originated in the province of Friesland, which is situated in the northern Netherlands.

Distinguished by their sleek beauty and large size, these horses actually bear a great resemblance to light draught horses, however, the Friesian is known to be nimble and graceful despite its stature. 

Many experts believe that during the Middle Ages, Friesians were used primarily as war horses, with their great demand being noted in historical records found across continental Europe. During the Middle Ages, it seems the breed was favoured for its great size, with the horse being capable of carrying knights in suits of heavy armour. 

Because of the Friesian’s association with war and conflict, the breed has almost become extinct on several occasions. However, the modern Friesian is beginning to grow in numbers and is now commonly used by equestrians for recreational purposes, with the breed recently being introduced into the world of dressage. 

As a horse breed, the Friesian can often be identified by a set of distinctive characteristics, such as its short ears, arched necks and towering stature. However, one of the horse’s most distinguishing features is its coat, which will often take on a velvety black hue.

Although Friesians have been known to sport a range of coat colors, black is considered the most common and is the color most associated with the breed. 

How To Create A Friesian Name

Choosing a name for any animal friend can be a slow and difficult process, so if you have been searching for a name for your Friesian horse, then there are some characteristics you can use to inspire your choices. 


As we have previously discussed, Friesian horses will commonly be born with black coats, so creating a name that incorporates their color is an effective way to begin the naming process.

To do this, you can take a look at black objects around your home or you can do some research on various black flowers, materials and gemstones. 

However, if none of these options speak to you, then you can instead look up famous black horses from history and literature, as there are more than you might think. Of course, a popular name for any black horse is Black Beauty, which recalls the best-selling novel of the same name. 

But if you still can’t find anything you like, don’t worry, because we are going to be looking at this topic again later in the article. 


Another effective way to create a Friesian horse name is by contemplating the horse’s character and personality.

As a breed, Friesians are known for their good temperaments and can be loyal horses when placed in the hands of a caring and devoted rider. So this is something that should be considered when creating or choosing their name. 

Beyond this, most horses will also have a very strong personality, which can be easy to discern upon a single meeting.

So if your Friesian is full of energy and character, then this is something you can incorporate into its name, with the same logic also being applicable even if your horse is more subdued or collected in nature. 

So now that you have an idea of how you can create your own Friesian horse names, let’s take a look at some of the best names we could find…

Best Male Friesian Horse Names

Ash Mystery
Bullet Omen
Cola Phantom
Dracula Shadow
Dusty Stormy 
Graphite Tramac
Magic Twilight 
Merlin Warlock 

Best Female Friesian Horse Names 

Bailey Midnight 
Black BeautyMorticia 
Comics Nori
Cherry Nyx
Dahlia Obsidian
Ebony Panda
Elvira Raisin
Flicka Raven
Luna Starlight 

Best Famous Friesian Horse Names

Army NobKutro 
BlackJack London 
Coconut Moulin Rouge 
Chocolate Petro
Copa Spider
Copper Tagi
Gadiela Viola 
Ghost Zanzibar 
Jack Zwar

Best Names For Black Friesian Horses

As we previously mentioned, creating a unique name that incorporates the color black is a great way to find a title for your beloved Friesian. However, if creativity is not your strong point, you can instead use the name of a famous black horse to help give you some inspiration. 

So to aid you in your search, we have compiled a list of notable black horses from history, in the hopes that you will find a name that will truly embody the personality and characteristics of your equine friend: 

1. Black Caviar 

This name was first given to an Australian horse who competed in over 25 races and was never defeated. 

Although her name would suggest that she had a black coat, Black Caviar was actually a bay horse, which remains a common mistake among equestrians to this day. 

Known for her amazing track record, Black Caviar was trained by some of the world’s best jockeys and was adored by her legions of fans. 

2. BlackJack 

BlackJack was an American quarter horse who served in the military for over 29 years. 

Distinguished by his beautiful black coat, BlackJack was one of many horses to be buried with a military award upon his death.

3. Black Gold

This horse was raised from a foal by the Roosa family and won many races during his career. 

Because of his success, Black Gold was able to raise over a million dollars and remains one of the most notable racing horses in the world. 

4. Goliath

Like many of the other horses we have mentioned, Goliath was a very successful racing horse. 

However, he is also known as one of the tallest racing horses to ever compete and quickly become a symbol of power, dignity and war. 

5. Midnight Sun

Known for his beautiful black coat, Midnight Sun was a Tennessee walking horse who was born with no markings on his body. 

During his life, Midnight Gold would win two prestigious championships, earning himself a place among the other notable horses we have discussed. 

6. Ruffian

Ruffian was a fantastic mare who is now known for her historical track record. During her life, Ruffian would win ten consecutive races, as well as a slew of awards and honours. 

She would go on to race for her entire life, before tragically degloving her hoof in the final stage. 

Best Names For White Friesian Horses

Although Friesian horses are commonly born with black coats, this does not mean that they can’t come in a variety of different colors. For example, some Friesian horses have been known to be white or chestnut, however, Friesians who display these colors will often suffer from genetic disorders, which is why black remains the more popular shade. 

However, if you do come across a white Fresian horse, then there’s nothing wrong with giving it its own unique name. 

Picking a name for a white Friesian can be just as difficult as picking one for a black Friesian, so to help aid you in your decision we have selected some of the best names for white Friesian horses and listed them down below: 

  • Babak: This name literally translates to ‘white’ in Serbian.
  • Belly: This name literally translates to ‘white’ in Russian.
  • Bolt: Inspired by the white rod created by a bolt of lightning.
  • Coconut: Arguably, this name is best suited for a black and white horse, as it refers to tropical fruit that bears the same colors.
  • Desert Child: This name comes from a famous white racing horse whose triumphs are recorded in history.
  • Hibiscus: A beautiful white flower that is native to China.
  • Shadowfax: This is the same name given to Gandalf’s horse in ‘The Lord of the Rings’. 
  • Snowball: Because white Friesians have been likened to freshly fallen snow, there’s no better name to give one than Snowball. 

Final Thoughts 

Naming your Friesian horse can be a difficult task, but if you open your imagination and do some research, we promise that you will find one in no time. 

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