Double T Saddle Reviews Top 10 Products

Getting the right saddle for you and your horse is one of the most crucial steps in getting the best riding experience with your horse. Saddles are built to strengthen the relationship between rider and horse. Saddles align the center of gravity of the rider, to match with that of the horse, which leads to better and more comfortable riding.

A good saddle also needs to be built from sturdy and high-quality materials, so that you can be sure that they will truly last. Double T saddles have long proven themselves as a trusted brand of horse saddles. This is thanks to corrosion-resistant materials that shine for years and genuine leathers.

Little is known about where Double T saddles originated, but what is known is that they provide top-quality saddles every time.

However, thanks to their top-quality, Double T saddles can cost quite a hefty price. Add to that, an immense range of choices, how are you supposed to decide which Double T saddle to go with?

Worry no longer, as we have put together a comprehensive list of the absolute best Double T saddles! Read on to find out how to choose your new saddle, and check out our buyer’s guide, to make sure you are making the right choice.

Best Double T Saddles

Barrel Saddle With Flex Tree, Floral And Basket Weave Tooling, Suede Leather Seat

[amazon fields=”B013PCDO6Q” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

This saddle is perfect for those who want a little bit of flare alongside a sturdy and dependable saddle. This saddle sports a sophisticated tan color that just screams luxury. This is then complemented by a silver lace along the edge that shines as you ride, alongside small silver studs that not only look good but also add further stability. 

This saddle is also completed with a suede leather seat that provides additional comfort and support, to allow for longer riding sessions. The materials that make up this saddle are further improved by a beautiful floral pattern that adds a cohesive look to the finished saddle. 

This saddle is perfect for those who want a sturdy and functional saddle that will improve their riding, while also looking incredible, to boot! 


  • Fashionable design.
  • Sturdy and trustworthy design that is complemented by its beauty.
  • Comfortable suede seat, to facilitate longer riding sessions.


  • Hefty price tag. 
  • Designed to cater to a more experienced rider.

[amazon box=”B013PCDO6Q”]

Arctic Aztec Print Barrel Style Saddle Set

[amazon fields=”B081TKG1HP” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Complete with a harmonious ‘Arctic Aztec’ blue finish that complements its dark tan brown color, this saddle is perfect for riders who want to create a fantasy look for their horse. This saddle features a sophisticated dark look, achieved by its use of high-quality leathers which have been designed to create a rough look and feel. 

This saddle comes packaged with all of the necessary features to maximize your riding potential, including a set of split reins, and D-rings to attach them. The Arctic Aztec saddle also features a beautiful blue seat that provides firm comfort while riding, but that also looks wonderful even while you are off your horse!

This saddle is perfect for those who want to show off their horse, thanks to its beautiful fantasy color palette, as well as its commitment to sturdiness. This saddle will last through many riding sessions, with proper maintenance and care.


  • Dark brown leather with turquoise blue accents creates a sophisticated fantasy look.
  • Sturdy materials ensure long riding sessions.
  • Comes packaged with extra features such as split reins.


  • Designed for experienced riders.
  • May require extra maintenance to ensure beauty is upheld.

[amazon box=”B081TKG1HP”]

Double T 16” Training Saddle FQHB

[amazon fields=”B07GXBDS2F” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

If you’re looking for a simple starter saddle, then Double T has the perfect saddle for you. The 16” Training Saddle is built to be a perfect saddle for those looking to get into professional riding. 

Though this may be a starter saddle, it does not sacrifice quality or style. The saddle is a light tan hue, which makes it easily distinguishable, and much easier to maintain.

The saddle features a simple design, with only the most essential features, such as solid stirrups, a comfortable seat, and multiple D-rings. The saddle is completed with a light suede material that provides a soft, but durable surface to train on.

What this saddle lacks in flare and extra finishes, it more than makes up for with its incredibly useful and simple to understand design, which focuses on only the most essential features for the beginner horse rider.


  • Sturdy and simple design makes it perfect for beginner riders.
  • Features a soft suede finish that provides extra comfort, while also looking fashionable.
  • Focuses on accentuating only the most important features.


  • Despite its beginner-friendly design, the saddle is still quite costly. 
  • The saddle may potentially be too simplistic for certain riders.

[amazon box=”B07GXBDS2F”]

Double T Barrel Style Saddle, Semi Quarter Horse Bars

[amazon fields=”B017RBKH0M” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Perfect for medium-sized horses, this saddle is built to be compact in size, but still deliver in style and function.

The saddle features an intense dark-brown leather barrel base, etched with floral patterns, which create a unique texture. This dark-brown color is then complemented by light tan accents. These light-tan accents reach down the stirrups to create a unique look. 

This saddle also features multiple stirrup adjustments, so that you can adjust their length to your comfort. You can even lengthen the stirrups as you see fit, as additional holes can be created with ease to really get the right length for your size. 

This saddle also features a sturdy horn, directly in front of a comfortable seat, to provide maximum efficiency when controlling your horse. The seat is designed to align your center of gravity with that of your horse, to make riding effortless for both you and your horse.


  • Incredibly sophisticated design, with a mature and elegant color palette.
  • Sturdy and comfortable materials lead to more efficient riding for both you and your horse.
  • Easily adjustable to suit your riding needs.


  • Designed only for medium-sized horses.
  • May require extra care, to maintain style.

[amazon box=”B017RBKH0M”]

Double T 16” Tooled Leather Parade Saddle With Concho Accents

[amazon fields=”B07F1DL7J6″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

This saddle is perhaps the ultimate when it comes to visual flare. This saddle features a rich dark-brown leather finish which creates a regal look that will make your horse the talk of the town! Accented throughout with small silver conchos, this saddle perfectly balances rich elegance and stylistic flair. 

This saddle also comes fitted with a soft suede leather seat that provides maximum support and comfort, to make even the longest riding sessions feel short and effortless. The seat is finished with a light floral pattern, to ensure that, even when dismounted, your horse looks incredible at all times.

As part of the set, this saddle also comes packaged with matching headstalls and breast collars, so that you can further add to your horse’s look with ease. These pieces can be easily attached and detached as you need them, making them perfect for frequent riders who want maximum control at all times.


  • Sophisticated and sleek design, finished with exciting visual flares.
  • Strong and sturdy materials for maximum comfort and long use.
  • Easily customizable, with extra parts for when you need them.


  • Multiple parts involved in stylish design may make maintenance more difficult.
  • A more advanced saddle, not suitable for beginners.

[amazon box=”B07F1DL7J6″]

Double T Pony/Youth Barrel Style Saddle Set. Semi Quarter Horse Bars

[amazon fields=”B010861TI2″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

Do you have a little prospective horse rider that can’t wait to get started? If so, then you cannot afford to miss out on this saddle. Designed to accommodate the size of a small horse or a pony, this barrel-style saddle is perfect for younger beginner riders.

Featuring a comfortable seat, sturdy reigns, and extra parts, this saddle is designed to make the daunting early days of riding a joy. Though this saddle is designed for younger users, it still has an effortless style. It features a dark-brown leather base, accented with a rough and detailed texture.

The seat is built to maximize comfort and make riding comfortable and safe for your child. The seat features a vibrant red faux alligator print that creates a classic look straight out of a spaghetti western!

This saddle is built to last, to ensure that your child remains safe and comfortable throughout their learning journey. This saddle will last many years as your child grows more and more confident.


  • Designed for young users who may be new to horse riding.
  • High-quality design and materials ensure proper safety and comfort for young riders.
  • Classic and nostalgic design really stands out amongst the crowd.


  • If anything, this saddle may be so good that your child quickly outgrows it.
  • Still has a hefty price tag, despite its beginner design.

[amazon box=”B010861TI2″]

Double T 15” Chocolate Brown Roughout Barrel Style Saddle

[amazon fields=”B07NKB568V” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

True to its name, this saddle features a rich and luscious chocolate-brown color that creates a sense of decadence. Making this saddle perfect for those who want to show off the beauty of their horse. 

Despite its commitment to beauty, this saddle still sports a sturdy and functional design. Its seat, made from soft suede leather, can support hours of riding, without deforming, or losing its shape. This saddle is built to last, and to make riding effortless, and even fun.

Stylistic flourish is light on this saddle, which greatly complements its sturdy and simple design. The saddle features white stitching accents, which accentuate its strong design. The saddle features small silver embellishments that add a touch of class.


  • Simple and elegant color creates a sophisticated look, which is light on flourish.
  • Strong and sturdy build, perfect for frequent riders.
  • High-quality and comfortable materials make for easier riding. 


  • Less stylish than other saddles on this list.
  • Suede leathers could harden over time.

[amazon box=”B07NKB568V”]

Double T Youth Hard Seat Roper Style Saddle

[amazon fields=”B00U80XDII” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

This is another perfect choice for young people who want to feel like the coolest riders around town.

This saddle features a striking contrasting color palette, which mixes an intense dark-brown barrel with a light and soft white seat. These individual pieces are put together with utmost care to ensure durability and maximum comfort while riding.

This is a perfect saddle for beginner riders, thanks to its simplistic design, and sturdy materials, which make it safe and simple to learn. Each element of the saddle is clearly designed, which makes getting to grips with it an absolute breeze.

This saddle also features a light basket weave pattern on its central base, which adds a touch of elegance to its effortlessly cool design.


  • Perfect for young riders who need extra support.
  • Effortlessly cool design is sure to draw eyes. 
  • Features a simple design to make learning easier.


  • Unfortunately, this excellent design is only available for younger riders.
  • A child may quickly outgrow this saddle.

[amazon box=”B00U80XDII”]

Double T Gaited Western Endurance Saddle

[amazon fields=”B001UJ08HA” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

If you’re looking for a saddle that will last for generations to come, then look no further than this beauty. The base structure features a chestnut tan color, which creates a warm autumnal look for your horse. The saddle features a strong seat, with lower back support, made from comfortable materials to facilitate longer riding sessions. 

This saddle has a classic look, complete with dark brown accents to really accentuate the shape of the saddle. The seat is also designed to absorb shock, and make bumpier rides more comfortable.


  • Classic design evokes warm and nostalgic images of the old west.
  • A comfortable seat absorbs shock and facilitates longer riding.
  • Sturdy materials make this a long-lasting saddle.


  • Top-quality build makes this a significantly more expensive saddle.
  • D-rings can be fragile.

[amazon box=”B001UJ08HA”]

Double T 12” Hard Seat Roper Style Saddle With Floral Tooling

[amazon fields=”B081TGJ31K” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center”]

This stylish saddle features a rustic design that evokes images of adventure and freedom. This saddle is built atop a solid dark-brown barrel complete with a floral pattern.

Atop this is the comfortable seat, with lower-back support and built-in stirrups that can easily be adjusted. This saddle also features a sturdy horn that makes balancing atop your horse far more effortless.

This saddle is made most unique thanks to its various trailing skirts, which really accentuate the speed of your horse, whether moving at a canter or a full run.


  • Sturdy design to facilitate comfortable riding for you and your horse.
  • Elegant design, complete with skirts, which accentuate speed.
  • High-quality materials and construction.


  • Skirts could potentially become tangled.
  • Stronger focus on style than function.

[amazon box=”B081TGJ31K”]

Buyer’s Guide

Double T saddles have earned themselves a very respectable reputation within the horse-riding community, thanks to their focus on high-quality materials, and delivering maximum style. Double T Saddles cater to a number of age ranges, experience levels, and rider types.

If you’re looking to select your own Double T saddle, then there are a few things you should make sure to look out for every time.

Read on to see our dedicated buyer’s guide, so that you can make the right decision when it comes to buying your new saddle. 

Here’s what to look for when buying your new saddle.


Of course, one of the absolute most important factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing a saddle is its durability. Hopefully, you will be using your saddle for long periods of time, very frequently. You want to be able to get the most out of your saddle every time, for a long time.

When choosing a saddle, look to make sure that its materials are durable, and built to last. Check the construction, to see that the materials are safely held together so that your saddle will not fall apart at a crucial moment.

Choosing a more durable saddle also saves you considerable money and time down the line, you will not need to perform maintenance quite so often.

You also want to check for durability, as it works greatly in favor of your comfort. You want to be comfortable while riding, as you may find yourself riding for extended periods. Higher quality materials will provide more comfort, and are more likely to hold their shape.


You’re going to be using your saddle a lot, so you want to make sure that it properly supports you, as well as your horse.

Generally, you want your seat to be made from soft materials, such as suede, that can support your shape. As well as this, you also want to make sure that your new saddle is firm, and built to handle your weight for long periods of time so that it does not warp.

Make sure that the saddle is the right size and shape for your horse, as an improper saddle can cause potential damage and discomfort to your horse. Check to make sure that the size and shape of your saddle are just right for your horse’s build. 

Experience Level

What you definitely want to consider, is the experience level of the rider who is looking for a new saddle. Is the rider young or inexperienced?

In that case, it is best to start with a more simple design or one of Double T’s many young/trainer models of saddle. Double T’s younger rider saddles are perfect for those who want to learn the ropes of horse riding without the daunting pressure of the many parts of the saddle.

On these saddles, each component is clearly laid out to be easily understood by any rider.

If you are a more experienced rider, then you may want to invest in a more suitable saddle that has all of the features you need, such as adjustable stirrups, or extra D-rings to add additional parts. These saddles are great for long riding sessions, as they are built to maximize comfort and function.


Double T saddles do have quite a large price tag, as a result of their expert craftsmanship and high-quality materials. In order to make sure that you are not overspending or under-spending, you need to consider everything else we have touched on.

You need to make sure that the materials are worth the price, and that the craftsmanship is also reflective of the price.

If you are buying a beginner saddle, then you may want to spend slightly less and go for a more simple model. If you want to spend more on a beginner saddle, then you can look for saddles that have flashy designs or extra features that a beginner may want to use.

If you are buying a saddle for a more experienced rider, then you want to make sure that you are paying for the correct features, and the correct design and color. You will also want to make sure that materials and craftsmanship are up to standard. 


If you are a more experienced horse rider, you may want to consider buying a saddle that has a stronger focus on style.

If this is the case, then you want to make sure that you are not sacrificing function. Make sure that the saddle is made from the best materials that will last you a long time. Make sure that the saddle has the features that you and your horse need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Double T Saddle Weigh?

The weight of a Double T saddle can vary greatly from product to product. Of course, different saddles are built for different functions and different horse sizes. If you are buying a saddle for an experienced rider, then the saddle may weigh considerably more, such as the Gaited Western Endurance Saddle, which weighs up to 26lbs. 

If you are buying for a smaller horse, then the saddle will weigh less, so as not to strain the horse. This also applies to younger and less experienced riders, who need more simplistic saddles, which, as a result, weigh much less.

What Is A Tree On A Saddle?

To put it simply, the tree of a saddle refers to the basic structure of the saddle that the wider saddle rests on. The tree is built to support the weight of the rider and any potential cargo. Trees are also built to be somewhat flexible so that they can bounce slightly, which makes riding on bumpy terrain more relaxing for the rider.

Trees come in a variety of sizes to suit different sizes of horses, as well as different-sized riders. Without the tree, there is no saddle!

Are Double T Saddles Any Good?

This can largely depend on the experience of the rider. Double T saddles are built to be accessible, and affordable for newer or less experienced riders. While they do have a number of saddles aimed at experienced riders, the majority of Double T saddles are aimed at newer riders.

To some riders, Double T saddles can be seen as ‘cheap’ due to their lower price tag in comparison to other leading brands. However, this lower price tag makes them perfect for inexperienced or amateur riders who want to buy their first saddle. 

Double T saddles are good, but you should make sure that they are right for you before you purchase one, as your experience with them may differ from someone else’s. 

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