Dreaming Of Horses – What Does It Mean?

There are all sorts of weird dreams out there. We’re sure that you’ve probably dreamed about having your teeth falling out, or maybe a nightmare about someone following you in an alleyway.

But what about horses? Horses are a pretty common animal to crop up in people’s dreams, to the point that it must mean something, right?

Many people throughout the world have dreams of horses. What’s especially interesting is that there is data out there to even suggest that women dream about horses much more often than males do.

Naturally, if you work with horses on a regular basis then there’s a higher chance that you are going to dream about them.

So, what does it mean when you dream of our equine pals? Well, you will be pleased to know that in general, a horse is a positive thing to show up in your dream.

These majestic beasts can represent a number of things, including endurance, freedom, power, ambition, passion, and even your libido and sex drive.

As with any other dream, of course, this can largely depend on the context of the horse’s appearance in your dream. The horse’s color can also be important.

If the horse shows up in a bad way in your dream, then it may demonstrate that you’re feeling repressed in your life. It can represent an overabundance of risks that are hurting your dreams, and it can even mean that you aren’t feeling in control. Perhaps your sexual urges can’t be reigned in.

So, that’s a brief summary, but you’re here for a deep dive right? With that in mind, here are some of the many meanings of horse dreams that you may encounter as you get your 40 winks.

Brown Horses In Dreams

So you’ve encountered a brown horse in your dream. This is often a good sign, and they represent things like strength and having things under control. They can also represent things that are changing in your life, for instance removing problems or other negative things.

In a spiritual sense, it’s worth looking into what the color brown actually means. This color is often linked with our earth. It can represent being grounded in your life. Sometimes, it may represent that you need to make more roots in your life so that you can achieve all of your goals and dreams.

White Horses In Dreams

It should come as no surprise that a white horse is generally a good sign in your dreams. They are seen as a positive symbol, thanks to the things that white represents – good luck, purity and inner peace.

These horses can often represent your positive relationships with people in your life. It can also show that your ambitions and sex life are doing well. White horses represent a connection with the spiritual in your life, and a sense of inner peace and calmness as you progress through your days.

Black Horses In Dreams

You may think based on the fact that white horses are a positive sign that black horses are bad news. This is not always the case. The black horse is symbolic of things like secrets, intrigue, and a change from the negative to the positive. They represent moving ahead – in this respect, they can be a very positive sign.

Of course, there’s a flip side – black horses can also represent excessive ambition and an overly active sex drive that you may want to get in check.

Wild Horses In Dreams

Born to be wild, baby! If you see a wild horse in your next dream, it may tell you that you are yearning for creativity and freedom. Perhaps you are on the verge of a great adventure and your psyche is begging you to take it. Wild horses can sometimes represent uncontrolled sexual urges too though, so be careful! 

Stabled Horses In Dreams

If you are seeing horses in stables in your dream, this can be a sign that you are feeling like other people are restricting you. Perhaps there’s a situation in your waking life where you feel that you are being held back somehow.

These horses can also represent how you communicate with people and the kind of power that you hold over them. Sometimes they can even represent hidden ambitions.

Horses Being Controlled In Dreams

If a horse is being controlled in your dream, it may be a sign that you need to take a moment to relax in your waking life. These horses can represent a feeling that you are under pressure or you feel otherwise restricted.

They can also show that it’s time to embrace your freedom and figure out who you want to be. You want to break free of the reins and figure out who you truly are.

Riding A Horse In A Dream

If you’re riding a horse in your dream, it means that you are in control – you have the power, and it may even represent your sexual desires.

On the flip side, it’s not all good. Riding a horse in your dream can sometimes show that you have displayed manipulative behaviors in your past, or have otherwise done things that have lacked integrity when you have been trying to reach your goals.

If you are struggling to control the horse that you are riding then it can sometimes mean that your sexual urges or ambitions are a little too much for you to handle.

Dead Horses In Dreams

Dead horses can commonly appear in dreams and they can be pretty scary. They often represent lost friendships or situations in your life.

Sometimes they can also show you that your sense of direction has been warped, or perhaps it’s time to move on. It could show you that you have been carrying around things in your life that are no longer doing anything good for you.

Likewise, sick and dying horses can represent challenges in your life that you will need to overcome in order to grow. 


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