The Complete Guide To Renting A Horse Trailer

Some horse owners can go through life without ever needing a horse trailer, mainly because they have a vet located very nearby, or a vet that is willing to travel to where the horse is every time. But if not, then you’ll often need to have use of a horse trailer in order to transport your horse to the vet! 

And even if you do have a vet that can travel to you, you might still consider using a horse trailer now and then for different reasons. Mainly going to competitions, or traveling to different locations so that you and your horse can roam and explore, enjoying new adventures and places every now and then! 

Of course, not everyone has a horse trailer that they can use. In fact, horse trailers are pretty expensive, so chances are you won’t have a horse trailer unless it’s strictly necessary. So if you suddenly need one, the best option you have is to rent one out! 

Renting out a horse trailer is cheaper than outright buying one, and it can be convenient if you only ever need one every now and then.

The question, of course, is how to rent a horse trailer. But don’t worry, we will tell you everything you need to know in this complete guide to renting a horse trailer. Let’s get started! 

Renting VS Buying A Horse Trailer

Before we start, you might be wondering whether renting a horse trailer is really worth it and whether it would not be better to simply buy one so that you have it when you need it.

But here’s the thing, most average horse-owners can’t actually afford a horse trailer, as they can cost anything between $2000 to $30000, depending on the size, design, and more. 

So if you’re only using the horse trailer every now and then, or for emergency vet visits, then it is far more cost-efficient to rent one out, rather than have to spend that much money on buying one! 

Another reason why a lot of horse-owners prefer to rent a horse trailer, rather than outright buy one, is because of space. Not everyone has the space to store a horse trailer full-time, whenever it is needed! 

There can be many other reasons, but money and space are essentially the biggest two. If you’re not going to be using the horse trailer regularly, don’t bother buying one, just rent one when needed. 

Before You Rent A Horse Trailer

Before you rent a horse trailer, there are a few things you need to check and be sure of, so that you know that you’re okay to rent a trailer, and so that you know what trailer to rent and from where. 

Basically, you should answer these questions, and be sure of the answers, before you rent a horse trailer:

  • Can your vehicle carry a horse trailer? Not all cars are suitable for horse trailers, so make sure yours is able to, or that you have access to another car that can. 
  • Where you are traveling from, and where you are traveling to, along with the exact distance. This will help you when choosing where to rent the horse trailer from, and it is information that they might require in order to reach a price agreement. 
  • What type of trailer do you need? Size, design, features…These are things you need to know so that your horse, or horses, are comfortable and safe. 
  • Are you going to need insurance? And in that case, what kind of insurance? 
  • How long are you going to need the horse trailer for? Is it a few days? Longer? This will directly affect the rental price. 

Where To Rent A Horse Trailer

Okay, so renting a horse trailer: where can you rent one from? 

The first step is to look up what horse trailer rental services are near and available to you, usually, a quick Google search should do the trick.

You then have to compare the different rental services available and decide which one is more convenient for you, based on the exact location, the horse trailers available, the prices, offers, and more. 

Our advice is to ensure you are researching the different horse trailer rental companies properly so that you choose one that is trustworthy, reliable, affordable, and with good horse trailers on offer. 

To help you out, we’ll give you some information on three of the most popular horse trailer rental companies, all of them with affordable prices and reliable services. 

Flaman Rentals

Flaman Rentals is incredibly popular and well-known, not only because it rents out horse trailers, but also because it provides gardening equipment, construction tools, and all sorts of other things! They’re basically a go-to company for a wide variety of needs. 

In regards, specifically, to the horse trailers, Flaman Rentals mainly offers bumper pull and gooseneck horse trailers, of a few different sizes. The horse trailers come fully furnished, with a soft carpet, horse stalls, and more.

Plus, you are able to choose whether you want the RV pin or ball pre-installed, or if you’d rather it not come with it. 

As for the prices, there are three different very straightforward packages, making the whole thing simple: 

  • Half a day: $85
  • Full day: $125
  • One week: $625

If you need the horse trailer for longer, you can rent it out for several weeks, or for a week and several days, and you simply add it to the overall cost. Simple enough! 

The company works out of different cities, so you should check beforehand if there are Flaman Rentals services available near your location. 

JH Spirit LLC Rentals

JH Spirit LLC is quite a famous company when it comes to horse trailer rentals, and it is highly recommended amongst horse owners, as the services are reliable and simple to use. 

One of the best things about this company, in particular, is that it prides itself on having very quick service, so you can book a horse rental up to the last hour of the night, making it perfect for when you need a horse trailer urgently, or at the very last minute.

Also, they always hand out a complete guide with tips and instructions on how to use a horse trailer, and how to attach it to a car, so that your horse is always 100% comfortable and safe. So if you’ve never used a horse trailer before, we’d probably recommend you use this company! 

The cost of the rental comes in a simple availability of three different packages: half a day, full-day, and one week. You can then keep adding packages so that you rent out the horse trailer for the amount of time needed. The prices are also extremely affordable, with the daily rental cost being around $100. 

The downside? This company only caters to the Phoenix Metropolitan area, and it only has bumper pull horse trailers on offer at the moment. 

U-Haul Rentals

Last, but not least, we have U-Haul Rentals, a trustworthy company that has a few different types of trailers available for rental services.

They are very professional, with an easy-to-navigate website where you can find out all the information, including pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as dates and trailers on offer. 

Amongst horse-owners, U-Haul rentals are known as the economical option, best used for when you are moving your horse within a local area, instead of traveling far.

So ideally, you use this company for taking your horse to the vet, or to a show or location within the region you are already in. 

As to the trailers they offer for rental, they have Cargo, Ramp, and Utility trailers, all of them accompanied by guides and instructions on how to use them, and how to attach them to your vehicle in a safe manner. 

The website actually comes with a small summary of all the trailers, so that it’s easier for you to choose the one best suited to your needs. Here is a sneak peek of that guide: 

  • Cargo Trailers

These are enclosed, suitable for longer journeys so that your horses are safe for the prolonged period of time of the journey, and sheltered from weather conditions. They are also ideal for driving over rougher terrain, as they keep the horses better protected from possible injuries. 

  • Ramp Trailers

These are ideal for short distances and one-way journeys, as well as smooth roads or in-city traveling. They are a lot cheaper than other options but protect the horses a lot less. 

  • Utility Trailers

These aren’t actually for transporting horses, but they can still come in handy for horse-owners, as they are ideal for transporting all sorts of gear and equipment, including large furniture, small cars, and more. They are very cheap to rent out, but you shouldn’t really carry fragile items in them. 

One of the best things about the U-Haul company is that they operate their services in a wide number of different cities, within different states of the US. So you are very likely to find them near your area. 

Keep in mind that these are merely three possible horse trailer rental companies that you can use, that we have chosen because they are highly popular and recommended, as well as affordable.

You should nevertheless check whether they are available or not in your area, and compare them with other existing companies that have horse trailer rental services available. 

Important Information On Renting A Horse Trailer

If you’ve never rented a horse trailer before, you’re probably wondering how the service actually works, and what steps you need to take. Plus, any other important information that you need to be aware of beforehand, of course. 

So here are some of the main things you need to know about renting a horse trailer, plus some tips that we consider to be the golden rules of horse trailer renting:

As A General Rule, Horse Trailers Come To You

Renting a trailer is usually very easy, and you can arrange for this service by simply phoning the company in question, or visiting the office. Renting the horse trailer should be easy and fast, with price packages being convenient and straightforward. 

And as a general rule, once you have arranged for the horse trailer, it should be delivered to your location, so that it’s super convenient for you.

For this, it is important that you check which locations they can deliver the trailer to, or alternatively, whether you actually have to go and pick it up yourself! 

Average Prices For Horse Trailer Rental

It is important to be familiar with the average prices so that you know what’s a good deal, and what is overpriced. On average, renting a horse trailer costs between $60 to $130 a day, and around $400 a week. Monthly rentals are usually around $1400 if they are available as a package. 

Of course, the price will depend on the size and type of trailer, and the company in question. 

Additional Costs To Take Into Account

Quite often, the price of the rental is not the only thing you will have to pay for. There are usually additional costs, such as a downpayment, insurance, late fee charges, and similar. You should ask the company what other costs are involved, beforehand. 

Insured Horse Trailers VS Non-Insured

We 100% absolutely recommend that you only rent out horse trailers that are already insured. This way, if something happens or they are damaged, you will not have to pay out a fortune to the company. Non-insured will be cheaper, but they are a bigger risk if anything goes wrong. 

Choosing The Horse Trailer Rental Company

If you want to make sure that the horse trailers meet safety regulations, and that the services are trustworthy and professional, make sure to choose a company that is properly licensed and well-known! 

Returning The Horse Trailer

As a general rule, you have to clean the horse trailer thoroughly, before you return it. This way, you are returning it in the same condition in which you received it: clean and tidy. However, this might change from company to company, so make sure to check with them what is required and expected. 

Double-Check The License Plate And Registration Number!

Before you sign the contract for the rental services, make sure to double-check that the license plate and the registration number of the horse trailer match.

If they don’t, you could be in some serious legal trouble, and it would be your responsibility for agreeing to the rental! So that’s our advice, always check and be thorough!

Read The Contract, All Of It

We know, contracts can be really long, with confusing language, and small print. They’re a lot of work to read through. But you should absolutely read through the entire contract, carefully, before you sign the rental agreement.

After all, you are spending some hard-earned money on renting out the horse trailer, you should make sure everything is above board and legal, and that you aren’t getting scammed in any way! 

How To Choose The Right Horse Trailer For Rent

Before you find a company to rent out a horse trailer, you need to actually figure out what kind of horse trailer you need, according to your specific needs and preferences. Once you know what trailer you want, you can look for a company that has one available! 

But…how do you choose the right horse trailer? 

Here are some basic factors that we recommend you take into consideration when picking your trailer:

The Number Of Horses You Need To Transport In The Trailer

One of the first things you need to consider is how big a trailer you need, and this majorly depends on the number of horses you are transporting.

If it’s a single horse, then a small trailer will do. But if it’s several horses, then you will need a horse trailer with various stalls, with head dividers, so that each horse has its own space within the trailer, for safety and comfort. 

The Temperament Of The Horses

Horses that are used to traveling in a trailer are usually fine with almost any sort of trailer. However, if your horse has never been in a trailer before, or gets nervous when traveling, then it is very important that you rent a trailer with an escape door so that you can get out in a hurry if the horse gets violent or restless, in order to avoid injury. 

The Comfort

The longer the journey, the more comfortable the trailer should be, as your horse will have to endure it for a longer period of time. Soft rugs on the floor, for example, are a good thing to look out for. 

The Distance You Are Traveling

Depending on the distance you are traveling, and the type of road that you are going to be driving on, you will be better suited to certain types of horse trailers, keep this in mind when choosing! 

The Type Of Vehicle You Have

Not all horse trailers can be pulled by just any vehicle, so it’s very important that you narrow down the search by knowing which kind of trailer your particular vehicle is able to pull. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions, answered, just in case you have the same doubts or worries!

Is Renting A Horse Trailer Worth It?

If you don’t need to use a horse trailer regularly, and only on a few occasions a year, then it is absolutely worth it to rent a trailer rather than buy one. Renting a trailer can also be very worth it, because it is convenient, easy, and there are plenty of affordable options. 

What Is The Cheapest Horse Trailer To Rent?

Stock trailers are the cheapest horse trailers you can rent, with an average price of $40 a day. These are pretty small trailers, ideal for short distances on a smooth road. 

Can Stock Trailers Be Used To Transport Horses?

Technically, stock trailers are not official horse trailers, as they are designed to transport material goods of a large size. They are not as safe as proper horse trailers. 

Nevertheless, if the ride is short and smooth, they can make for a convenient and cheap horse trailer. Just make sure that the horse is safe and comfortable! 

Where Do I Take My Horse In A Horse Trailer? 

Usually, horse trailers are used in order to transport a horse to a vet, in cases in which the vet is far away or unable to come to the horse’s location.

However, horse trailers are also used for transporting horses to competitions, shows, events, as well as other locations such as parks and similar in order to ride around a new place as an adventure for fun. 


In conclusion, horse trailers can be expensive to outright buy, especially if you don’t need one for regular use, which is why renting them when needed is a much more affordable and convenient option!

There are plenty of horse trailer rental companies and services available, and you should make sure to search which companies are near you, and what they offer. 

You need to figure out the type of horse trailer that you need, based on your needs and preferences, and which ones you are able to use, based on your vehicle, price, location, journey, and more.

Renting one out should then be fairly straightforward, with most companies offering different price packages and trailers, within delimited areas and locations. 

Whether it’s to take your horse to the vet, to a competition or event, or to a completely new place in order to go on a little fun adventure, make sure the horse trailer is 100% safe and comfortable, and within your means.

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